room 1

Double Rooms
$29.99 per night*
Ideal for couples who want to have more privacy and at the same time enjoy the special atmosphere of a Hostel & Hotel.
  • Double Bed
  • Air Conditioner
  • Bathroom(Hot Water)
  • Wifi

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room 1

Triple Rooms
$39.99 per night*
Ideal for three people who want to have more privacy and at the same time enjoy the special atmosphere of a Hostel & Hotel.
  • Double Bbed
  • Air Conditioner
  • Bathroom Hot Water)
  • Wifi

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room 1

Shared Room
$9.99 per night*
This is shared room, has bunk beds, air conditioning, lockers, and two exclusive bathrooms shared with other guests in the same room
  • Bunk Bed
  • Air conditioner
  • Shared Bathroom(Hot Water)
  • Lockers
  • Wifi

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We are located in the heart of Salinas, ocenafront just 10 steps from the sand, there are shopping malls, banks, bars and restaurants within walking distance


You will find comfortable living areas and a nice shared kitchen with all the accessories to prepare the food, games rooms, Tv's, Karaoke Bar, Hammocks, Wi-Fi and a great atmosphere.

Our Famous Lounge Karaoke Bar

We have a fun Karaoke Bar located on the balcony overlooking the sea where you can meet many travelers and live the experience of being in a Hostel & Hotel.

We are in the best location!

Welcome to Chescos, we are the best Hostel & Hotel in front of the sea in the beach of Salinas. Unpack your outfit and have a swim for the day at the sea, or a relaxing walk on the beach, or at night join our Karaoke Bar where you can meet other travelers.

Chescos has a 24-hour reception, daily maid service, a balcony lounge, private and shared rooms, hammocks, free Wi-Fi, common areas and, full kitchen with barbecue, good music, kayak, something funny is always happening here !

If we were closer to the beach, we would be at sea!


Everyone is grateful from the reception until the farewell. The willingness to stay is good. The tips where to go, where not ... What to do ... All who work in Chescos are excellent people.

rn: 705492217

I stayed for 2 nights in this wonderful hostel. It is a medium-sized hostel (facing the sea, very well located, the staff is super friendly, it has a kitchen, so you can prepare your food.It has a social area with tv, and a fabulous hammock. 3.50 can sell you breakfast.

rn: 815757169

"There is a kitchen at guests' disposal which has a pleasant view of the sea wall with living room and dining room. Excellent location and despite being in the center of everything there is no noise and allows quiet rest."

rn: 183828443